Black Air : Gold Sea

This is a film series I recently started on my last trip to Fort Tilden NY. The last time I showed these to a friend, she said “wow, these are so soft and pretty, and you’re so…. gross.”. This is true, I guess I always saw photography as a way to calm myself, not worry about being pissed all the time. These are the things I do, in between my white girl problems.


How did I get so lucky? Relying on others to improve my palette

My family and I took a trip to Woodstock NY. That is actually where this blog came to fruition, drinking white wine in front of a campfire with a bunch of people you love? If that doesn’t inspire you, I’m not sure anything can. The entire trip was good food, great food, and incredible food. These are just a few highlights I managed to shoot in between eating all of it.

The Baby You Stole Those From Would Like Them Back: The inexplicable return of the Harem Pant

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this; I live in Williamsburg, the dumbass fashion capital of dick heads everywhere. I have noticed for the last year or so, that something awful has been showing it’s ugly face in the “fashionable” crowd of this self entitled hipster hell hole. HAREM PANTS. You may be thinking “Why, in the name of all that is good, would anywhere wear these?!”. Well, I have spent many sleepless nights pondering this, here is a list of acceptable reasons to wear Harem Pants.

1. Tumor hanging from lower torso/groin area

2. Embarrassing genital mutation that cause your balls or your inner or outer labia to hang away from your body by a good 6″

3. Prolapse rehabilitation

4. You shit your pants frequently

5. In an acid induced rage, you did, in fact, steal them from a baby.

6. You are a centaur. But if you are a centaur, I would wear anything, cause you’re a fucking centaur and you should show that shit off.

7. You are a total douche that thinks the world needs to see your super chic saggy ass pants paired with your dumb platform shoes that you can’t walk in.

If any of these circumstances apply to you, then work it girl, you deserve it.

getting lucky with film, how much is talent? and how good is my camera?


this is a series of nudes I did of a very dear and very talented friend of mine. This girl is a statue, a goddess. It’s an honor to get to photograph a woman that is so in touch with her femininity and her womanhood that it practically radiates off of her. She is also an amazing painter, avid arts supporter and all around kickass gal. These were all shot on 1600 film, with the exception of the two obvious digital photographs. I think they’re beautiful, I just wish I would’ve versed myself a little more in photoshop before I decided to edit the shit out of ’em.