Conjurer : Bringer

This is a series I recently shot in the woods around Yosemite, at an old cabin known as “Jesse Ross” it’s one of the oldest known cabins settled in that region. Going up to my cabin, we would always stop there, and I would refuse to go in because my dad had told me of a beautiful witch that would roam around, picking up little children with her long bird like talons, I think this was just to scare me into not wandering out of sight. Anyways, these are a series of portraits dedicated to my beautiful forrest witch.20460015DSC_0053firsttrysecondtry4thtry6thtrythirdtry4thtry20470017204700302047003420470020204700352047003120470019204700132047001020470006204700042046002220460016204600142046001220460005204600092046001120460008secondtryDSC_0057bw

2 thoughts on “Conjurer : Bringer

  1. Stumbled across your blog and found these wonderful pictures. You picked a fine model that exemplifies the “beautiful witch” in your story, too. A great series.

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