Tides : Tar

Ok, confession time. Many people don’t know this about me, actually, I’ll say only my closest friends do; I am absolutely terrified of the ocean. it is a debilitating fear, sweaty palms, heavy breathing, absolute feeling of chaos. The idea of being surrounded by such vastness is my ultimate fear. The feeling of not know whats underneath you, and to the side of you, gives me shortness of breath. When i was a child; I dreamed in black and white. I had a re-occurring nightmare of swimming through the ocean surrounded my grey water and absolute silence; absolute calm, then, I see a wall of black in front of my, a swaying tangle of slippery, wet seaweed. Huge pillars of vegetation so tightly bound it looks almost impenetrable. I am pulled towards it regardless of my movements. Before i know it I am entangled so tightly in this house of black plants I start to get pulled to the bottom, and right as all the light began to fade from view, I would wake up covered in sweat. My photography is a way for me to deal with my fears, to turn something I am afraid of into a thing of beauty. I hope you enjoy.

Conjurer : Bringer

This is a series I recently shot in the woods around Yosemite, at an old cabin known as “Jesse Ross” it’s one of the oldest known cabins settled in that region. Going up to my cabin, we would always stop there, and I would refuse to go in because my dad had told me of a beautiful witch that would roam around, picking up little children with her long bird like talons, I think this was just to scare me into not wandering out of sight. Anyways, these are a series of portraits dedicated to my beautiful forrest witch.20460015DSC_0053firsttrysecondtry4thtry6thtrythirdtry4thtry20470017204700302047003420470020204700352047003120470019204700132047001020470006204700042046002220460016204600142046001220460005204600092046001120460008secondtryDSC_0057bw

Black Air : Gold Sea

This is a film series I recently started on my last trip to Fort Tilden NY. The last time I showed these to a friend, she said “wow, these are so soft and pretty, and you’re so…. gross.”. This is true, I guess I always saw photography as a way to calm myself, not worry about being pissed all the time. These are the things I do, in between my white girl problems.


getting lucky with film, how much is talent? and how good is my camera?


this is a series of nudes I did of a very dear and very talented friend of mine. This girl is a statue, a goddess. It’s an honor to get to photograph a woman that is so in touch with her femininity and her womanhood that it practically radiates off of her. She is also an amazing painter, avid arts supporter and all around kickass gal. These were all shot on 1600 film, with the exception of the two obvious digital photographs. I think they’re beautiful, I just wish I would’ve versed myself a little more in photoshop before I decided to edit the shit out of ’em.