The Witches of Westholm Series

As luck would have it, I was fortunate enough to have access to the Westholm as shot in one of my first posts. This beautiful old hotel was once a four seasons motor lodge and has stood empty since the early 90’s. Most of the rooms are fairly intact; however part of the building is crumbling due to now maintenance and water damage. These are some portraits taken within the hotel.

Living Tarot

A series of photos made into a 2017 12 month living calendar for Catland Books a store for witchcraft supplies and the occult in Bushwick Brooklyn. These calendars can be purchased here for $25 All single prints can be purchased through me by emailing me. Prints are $20.

Holographic Abandon

During the last year, i have been travelling from Brooklyn NY to Upstate NY almost every month. The architecture of the old hotels and mansions is incredible, but unfortunately due to a severely depressed economy many of the most extravagant buildings have been abandoned.

getting lucky with film, how much is talent? and how good is my camera?


this is a series of nudes I did of a very dear and very talented friend of mine. This girl is a statue, a goddess. It’s an honor to get to photograph a woman that is so in touch with her femininity and her womanhood that it practically radiates off of her. She is also an amazing painter, avid arts supporter and all around kickass gal. These were all shot on 1600 film, with the exception of the two obvious digital photographs. I think they’re beautiful, I just wish I would’ve versed myself a little more in photoshop before I decided to edit the shit out of ’em.